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The Sweet Life brings cotton candy burritos to Worcester Public Market as Canal District’s new candy shop

Posted Dec 18, 2020

Cotton candy burritos arrived at the Worcester Public Market with a trip in the spring.

Anisa Oparaku Sbat and her husband, Majd Sbat, visited the market in the Canal District in the spring around the time it opened and before the pandemic. The experience, being surrounded by entrepreneurs under one roof, inspired the couple to chase their dream of opening a candy shop.

Months later, in September, The Sweet Life debuted at the public market, featuring one of the most popular items in the Canal District, the cotton candy burrito.

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This Week In Worcester

Worcester Candy Store is Selling Cotton Candy Burritos

Posted Nov 17, 2020

WORCESTER - If you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth to the extreme, a candy store in Worcester has just the thing.

The Sweet Life -- located inside the Worcester Public Market -- makes cotton candy burritos filled with your choice of cereal, ice cream and loads of other toppings.

WATCH BELOW: The Sweet Life Builds a Cotton Candy Burrito

The Sweet Life sells cotton candy, bulk candy, truffles, cookies, chocolates and beignets.

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